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Easter Sunday April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 10:30a Easter Sunday done right! Don’t miss this biggest day of the Christian year that we will mark with a service of music and light, featuring our amazing choir! Families, please join us immediately following worship for the MCCGSL Easter Egg Hunt!

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Good Friday

Good Friday Service April 18th, 2014

Make plans now to attend the Good Friday Service, a service of diminishing lights and seven powerful vignettes revisiting the seven “basics” we studied during Lent.  It will be a moving series of meditations punctuated by powerful music and symbolism.

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engage 4

30+ New Programs for You!

Follow this link to explore our new “Engage” magazine, which outlines all of our new programs, classes, and more!

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Refund the Roof

Refund the Roof!

For some time now, our roof has been in need of repair.  This tax season, we can put our refunds to work in a meaningful way by sharing them with one another.  Please prayerfully consider donating your 2013 tax refund, or a portion of it, to our congregation.  Here’s an example of how we can …

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