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A Taste of Santé (Wellness)

Fall Programming Launch:  A Taste of Santé   Our Fall Programming focus will be on wholeness so we will kick off the fall season with A Taste of Santé.  Santé is a French word meaning “health,” so we will have vendors from around the city who will be offering tastes of their healthy food options and sharing other wholeness …

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Golf Tournament

15th Annual Golf Tournament

Don’t miss the 15th Annual Golf Tournament! This year’s annual golf tournament will be held on Saturday, October 11th.  After a very enjoyable time last year, we will be returning to the Acorn Golf Links in Waterloo, IL.  The MCCGSL Golf Tournament is always a fun experience that is made even better by supporting the city’s …

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Young Adults Gathering

Led by young adults, this Young Adult Retreat will be an experience of meeting and connecting with your peers, having spirited discussions, and working on strategies for empowering our young adults in their home churches and in MCC’s around the world. The retreat will take place July 17-July 20th in St. Louis, MO. The event …

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Summer Programs!!

Follow this link to explore our “Engage” magazine, which outlines all of our new programs, classes, and more!

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